Peter Protschka Quintet


 "Peter Protschka Quintet w/Rick Margitza" (USA/D)

  Peter Protschka (D), trumpet/ flugelhorn/ compositions

  Rick Margitza (USA), tenor saxophone/ compositions

  Martin Sasse (D), piano

  Martin Gjakonovski (MK), bass

  Tobias Backhaus (D), drums


The pieces of the leader and trumpet player Peter Protschka are really of another order: contemporary and adventurous. The quintet presents itself as a band with many hours of play and you can hear that., 2016


You can't call a player born in 1977 a youngster anymore, but this post bop era cat who was born well after Miles made his turn in the 60s shows his love and appreciation of post bop so much so that Rick Margitza is part of his touring band, almost an insurance policy to make sure Miles smiles down on his trumpet playing. Not at all sounding like a fan that missed the boat, Protschka brings the daddio in fine style. On a live date that perfectly captures the smoky, late night club feel, it's no wonder that steam punk hipsters dig this as much as their cool grandparents. Killer stuff done just right, and then some., October 2015



Current Album of the band on Doublemoon/Challenge International (2015):